Tax Problem Resolution

Do you have unresolved IRS Tax Problems?

Is the IRS ruining your life?

Is mounting Tax Debt keeping you trapped?

 If you have unpaid back taxes, the IRS can lien your property, levy your bank accounts, seize your property, and garnish your wages. They can even attach your Social Security check! If you haven’t paid your taxes, or if you haven’t filed required tax returns, it is just a matter of time before the IRS pursues “enforced collection” against you. IRS problems do not go away by ignoring them; they get worse.

Get your life back!

  The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Ogilvie & Associates is well qualified to represent you before the IRS and to resolve your tax problems.

Put us between you and the IRS.

After retaining us, most of our IRS tax clients never meet with the IRS.

Telephone (530) 241-1100 to schedule your confidential, free initial consultation. During the initial consultation, we will discuss the specifics of your IRS problem, the various options available to solve the problem, and the anticipated fees required for us to represent you. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for the initial consultation.

After a client retains us, we will typically prepare IRS Form 2848 Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative so that the IRS can talk to us about your case. Pursuant to your Power of Attorney, we will typically obtain copies of your IRS transcripts and other IRS records pertinent to the tax years in question. During this period and later, the client will need to be prepared to provide us with information and records we request. We will use information from the client and from the IRS to further evaluate the tax problem and the best solution to the problem.

Typical solution options may include filing of delinquent returns, filing amended returns to correct prior errors, negotiating Offer-In-Compromise, negotiating an installment agreement, penalty abatement, or even bankruptcy to discharge certain older personal income tax liability.

The most appropriate solution to a client’s tax problem is very fact-specific and varies from case to case. Therefore, the detailed analysis which we provide is essential to choosing the best solution.

Each potential solution is complex, with many pitfalls. In our opinion, attempting a solution without fully understanding IRS rules and procedures is a formula for failure and could negatively affect future efforts to solve the problem.

During the entire IRS tax problem resolution process, we stand between you and the IRS. Most clients never have to talk directly with an IRS agent.



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